Planning a Nice Date Night at Your Favorite Fells Point Restaurant

January 5, 2021 at 5:00 AM
This is a photo of a romance that would be evoked by a nice restaurant in Fells Point.

Fells Point is a historic, waterfront neighborhood whose local businesses include quaint antique stores, coffee shops, a market, and of course, restaurants. There are many nice restaurants in Fells Point and if you’re looking for a feast for your date, ordering from a romantic dinner spot can be just the thing. And we’re biased, but we think the Black Olive is the perfect spot for it.

Food Delights the Senses

For a romantic date, food is usually part of the repertoire. Our senses of smell and taste give us a sensual experience and sharing a meal together has been a time-tested tradition across the globe. There’s another aspect to food, other than taste and smell – how it makes people feel. We often associate food with memories and past experiences, for example, the burst of cherries in your mouth in summer, or a warm, hearty stew as it snows outside. Adding this sensory experience to a romantic night is the perfect way to connect with someone.

Get to Know Someone...Through Food!

Food tells stories and evokes feelings. From more formal sit-down dinners to grabbing a taco from a truck, food is a great way to experience the tastes of the world and the best way is with another person. Whether dining in or a cozy take-out at home, experiencing a new and sensual dish together from a nice restaurant is an excellent and relaxing way to spend time together.

Most Romantic Foods at Black Olive

As one of the most romantic dinner spots in Fells Point, we’re experts on Greek and Mediterranean foods. And what we know is that it is ideal for dates - not too heavy, and you can ask to hold the garlic *wink wink*!

Manouri or Saganaki Cheese

Our Saganaki or Manouri cheese are a great choice for a creamy, salty, and silky experience. Pair it with some of our famous bread and olives, and you’ve got a perfect greek intro to your meal.

Black Olive Lobster Pasta

Seafood has a reputation as a romantic dish, and we have several options as mains or as mezza (sharing) plates. Sharing a dish is a bonding experience and a surefire way to get the romance rolling. Topped with a whole Maine lobster tail, this is a fantastic entree.

Reine De Saba

The Queen of Sheba cake is a chocolate concoction of French origin, and who knows romance better than the French? Fudgey and almost mousse-like in texture, it’s a romantic and chocolatey way to finish off your meal.

Most Romantic Wines at Black Olive

What’s a romantic evening without wine? Whether you’re more of a white or red fan (or both!) we have an extensively curated wine menu for you to peruse. We’ve chosen a few bottles you might consider for a romantic date.

White: Tselepos Santorini

From the famous island of Santorini comes a wine with a crisp minerality and citrus notes. Taste the typical ‘Santorini White’ flavors - a beautiful thing!

Red: 'Love Oregon' Pinot Noir

Ok, so this wine is from Oregon and not Greece, but we can’t help but love its complex flavor and aroma notes of vanilla bean and dark cherry.

Ready to plan your romantic date? Get in touch with us for take-out and delivery options.