What Greek Food Can You Order in Fells Point Besides Seafood?

April 7, 2021 at 11:00 PM

If you don’t eat seafood, it can feel like you’re missing out on many of the dining options in Fells Point. But don’t worry, you can still explore the rich delicacies of different cultures here in Maryland.

Putting specialty at the Black Olive, Greek Cuisine, into the spotlight, we’re going to share some dishes you can try that are packed with unique Greek flavor. To be sure, none of them contains seafood.

You can order any of these dishes when you visit The Black Olive, and you can easily schedule a pickup or request a delivery.

Here you go.


The salads are where your aversion to seafood doesn’t do much to keep you from experiencing Mediterrenean cuisine.

There are a couple of options you can try.

Greek goddess Salad

Some chefs choose to prepare their Greek Goddess salad with shrimp, but this is a dish that preserves its taste even without. You may also find it offered with grilled chicken.

The variety of greens, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell pepper, makes for a lot of texture and flavor. It’s rounded by the slightly sharp tang of the olive oil.

Best of all, it leaves you feeling light and ready to move on to the next course.

Greek style romaine salad

The addition of dill creates a fresh, citrus-like taste, which also serves to underscore the slightly grassy undertone of the dish.

Greek village salad

This is, in essence, a traditional tomato and feta salad, but with cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, kalamata and black olives.

Small plate dishes:


Melitzanosalata is the Greek version of a traditional spread made throughout the Middle-East and the Mediterranean region for centuries.

Chicken souvlaki

This dish is a marinated free-range chicken breast that has been skewered and carefully grilled for the right taste and flavor.

You may choose to order a chicken souvlaki platter as your main course.

Village pie

The is the Chef’s speciality, and we highly recommend you try it when you dine with us at The Black Olive. Luckily, it also contains no seafood at all, so it should be fine with you.

Our village pie is presented in fine aesthetic form, in keeping with tradition, and it’s a village-baked, homemade phyllo with select Greek cheeses.

Mezze tis pareas (to share with friends)

The following is an option for you to consider if you’re dining with friends who also don’t eat seafood, since the plates are large and meant for sharing.

Appetizer combination

Serving four, the appetizer combination is made with tarama, tzatziki, melitzanosalata, and hummus, plus some olives and feta cheese. The full-bodied herbal taste is flanked by a tart flavor and an earthy aftertaste, which is sure to endear you and fellow diners to this option.

Greek style lamb chops

Greek style lamb chops are a prime choice for your main course. You can expect the same firmness and tender texture you always get with lamb chops. But the unique Greek traditional preparation means that the gamey flavor is fully preserved, with the addition of a pleasant and lingering smoky hint.

Chef’s vegetable soup of the day

The chef’s soup of the day is always seafood-free, and it changes each day with new and exciting recipes that are totally inspired or derived from Meditirrenean tradition.

Order Fells Point Seafood alternatives from The Black Olive

Despite being allergic or not just a fan of seafood, you can still enjoy the fullness of Mediterrenean and Middle-East cuisine through some of the dishes above and others on our menu. You can visit us to dine outside, socially distanced, in our large outdoor dining area.

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